What Are the Best Areas for a Mobile Home Homestead in Tennessee?

If you’re dreaming of embarking on a mobile home homesteading journey in Tennessee, the first crucial decision you’ll face is choosing the perfect location. Finding the ideal region for your mobile home homestead can significantly impact your success and satisfaction with this sustainable lifestyle. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore some of the best areas, regulations, and essential factors to consider when selecting the right location for your mobile home homestead in the Volunteer State.

The Best Areas for a Mobile Home Homestead in Tennessee
The Best Areas for a Mobile Home Homestead in Tennessee

Why Choose Tennessee for Mobile Home Homesteading?

Before we explore the best areas, let’s briefly touch on why Tennessee is an attractive destination for mobile home homesteading:

Scenic Beauty

Tennessee boasts diverse landscapes, from the rolling hills of the Cumberland Plateau to the fertile farmlands of the Tennessee Valley. These picturesque settings provide an ideal backdrop for a homesteading lifestyle.

Mild Climate

The state experiences a relatively mild climate, with four distinct seasons. This climate diversity allows for a wide range of crops to thrive, making it suitable for agriculture and gardening.


Tennessee offers affordable land prices compared to many other states, making it accessible for individuals and families seeking to establish a homestead.

Homesteading Communities

Tennessee has a growing community of homesteaders who share knowledge and resources, making it easier to integrate into the lifestyle.

Best Areas for Mobile Home Homesteading

East Tennessee

Great Smoky Mountains Region 

This area offers breathtaking mountain views, abundant wildlife, and access to numerous outdoor recreational opportunities. Communities like Sevierville, Gatlinburg, and Pigeon Forge provide a mix of rural and semi-rural settings for mobile home homesteading.

Knoxville Area

The city of Knoxville and its surrounding counties in East Tennessee offer a blend of urban amenities and rural living. You can find suitable land for mobile home homesteading while still enjoying proximity to services and job opportunities.

Middle Tennessee

Nashville Metro Area

The Nashville metropolitan region, including counties like Wilson, Williamson, and Rutherford, presents a balance between city conveniences and rural tranquility. Mobile home homesteading in this area provides access to vibrant cultural scenes and educational institutions.

Cumberland Plateau

Counties like Cumberland and Fentress offer the rugged beauty of the Cumberland Plateau, with rolling hills and fertile valleys. These areas are perfect for those seeking a more secluded homestead experience.

West Tennessee

Memphis Suburbs

Consider the suburbs around Memphis, such as Shelby County and Fayette County, for mobile home homesteading. You can enjoy the amenities of a major city while maintaining a rural lifestyle.

Tennessee River Valley

The fertile lands along the Tennessee River Valley provide excellent opportunities for agriculture and gardening. Counties like Hardin and Decatur offer scenic beauty and fertile soils.

Regulations and Factors to Consider

When choosing the best area for your mobile home homestead in Tennessee, consider the following regulations and factors:

Regulations and Factors to Consider
Regulations and Factors to Consider
  • Zoning Laws: Check local zoning regulations to ensure that your chosen area permits mobile home homesteading and any related activities you plan to undertake.
  • Acreage Requirements: Some areas may have specific acreage requirements for mobile home homesteading, especially if you intend to engage in agriculture or keep livestock.
  • Utilities and Infrastructure: Ensure that essential utilities, such as water and electricity, are readily available or feasible to install on your chosen property.
  • Property Taxes: Research property tax rates in your selected area, as they can vary widely between counties and impact your overall cost of living.
  • Community and Neighbors: Consider the community and neighbors in your chosen region. A supportive and like-minded community can enhance your homesteading experience.

Choosing the best area for your mobile home homestead in Tennessee is a crucial decision that requires careful consideration of your lifestyle preferences, goals, and regulatory factors. Whether you prefer the scenic beauty of East Tennessee, the cultural amenities of Middle Tennessee, or the fertile lands of West Tennessee, the Volunteer State offers a range of options for aspiring homesteaders. By conducting thorough research and seeking local guidance, you can find the perfect region to start your mobile home homesteading adventure and live closer to the land in Tennessee.

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